DIY website Disaster vs. Hiring a Squarespace Designer

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Squarespace was the answer to my prayers when I finally decided to go freelance, @squarespace, how I celebrate you! With its sleek themes, editable content and broad user interaction, what’s not to love! I had no set plan when I went freelance, I knew what I was good at, I knew wanted creative freedom and I knew I couldn’t stay in my previous job one second longer.
So this is what I’ve learnt, if you're a small business owner, particularly someone who’s starting solo, the chances are you've experienced the tragic-website-diy-overwhelm-disaster before.

There are a few familiar series of events that so many clients have relayed to me….
a) Figure out what platform to use (what's a Wordpress?)
b) Figure out what-the-hell a domain name and hosting is (lol, whaaaa?)
c) Come up with some kind of website layout theme
d) Come to the realization that even though you're using a template you have nooo idea what picture to put where
e) Besides late night cries into your glass of vino over inevitable technical struggles, you come to realise you don't know too much about designing websites …

If this sounds familiar you don’t have to be dilettante as far as websites are concerned.

Chances are you're starting this website in the first place because you are REALLY good at what you do. You're looking for a platform to share that thing with the world. Listen. You do your thing, give it your attention, and please- If you can, take some of that 'stress-that-comes-with-being-a-business-owner' away, hire a website designer who LOVES to do what is driving you crazy.

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I’m extremely proud to become a Squarespace Circle Member, which is defined by Squarespace as being an an expert on this wonderful global platform and with this role I am delighted to offer my clients 20% off their first website annual fee. (just saying!)

I wish you all the best in your web design journey!



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