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Mo Move Newquay

Mo Sales Newquay

Web Design, Logo, Photography, Business Cards, Promotional Flyers, Social Channels

Mo Move Newquay are a brand new estate agency in Newquay they have created a completely unique business model for their industry more personal and flexible estate agency experience for the public.

Zoe and Sid asked me to design their new website, adapt an existing logo, photograph and create a new brand vision and drive sales through designing promotional material such a flyers and business cards. I completed this commission with a one to one tutorial on using their new website and am running their social channels during the launch campaign.

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Newquay WoodBurners


Web Design, Logo, Content Creation and Copy Writing

Newquay Wood Burners are a local company who specialise in installing woodburning stoves of various varieties to residents and business' of Newquay. Previous to my role, the company used Facebook to communicate to clients. 

Jake asked me to photograph five of his latest wood burner installs to include on the site, I designed a logo and website swell as setting up his social channels.


the Jam Jar

Local coffee house with a specialism in delicious homebaked cakes - the Jam Jar is a central hub in Newquay town centre. I have built a new website for the Jam Jar, I  photograph numerous baking sessions which are posted on the blog as well as working with local and national press to advertise the Jam Jar.

Mel Baker Freelance marketing
Jam Jar Jess

Content Creation + Marketing

  • Photography for the recipe blog
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing + PR
  • Brand Competition
Mel baker photography

Web Design

  • Website design
  • Monthly updates
  • Blog Posts



My role for Seavista is to manage the Marketing, PR and Social Channels. I post across all three social channels, write regular blogs for the website, source bloggers and social influencers to stay at Seavista as well as working with affiliate brands for collaborations.


Digital Marketing

  • Content Creation
  • Social Chanels
  • Blog Writing
  • Social Influencers
  • Competitions


Two of the rooms at Seavista have recently had an interiors revamp and part of my role is to photograph and edit the photos onto the Seavista Wordpress website.


Social Channels

I create and share content across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for Seavista, we run regular competitions with other brands to boost followers and ultimately bookings.


Dick Pearce & friends


Bringing bellyboarding back to our British beaches, waveriding has never been more fun! My role is to market Dick Pearce and Friends, photograph and upload new stock, push social media offers and gain seasonal coverage in local and national press and magazines.

Mel Baker Freelance
Mel Baker Freelance

Content Creation

  • Copywriting for blog
  • Photography
  • Social Channels
Mel Baker Freelance


  • Pack Shot Photography
  • Updating Stock onto website
  • Product source

Piccolo Weddings



I worked with Phoebe  of Piccolo Weddings on a complete re-brand, focusing on nature and freestyle wedding planning to create a simple yet multi-faceted logo. Designing a responsive website design that was user friendly to showcase her services.



Curly Steve

Laughter Yoga

Curly Steve is a master of laughter, trained in laughter therapy, he hosts Laughter sessions as well as training others to become Laughter Yoga teachers. Steve opted for a full branding package his intentions were to appeal to a new contemporary target audience. I worked with Steve to rename the brand, create a new identity, logo, website, marketing plan, original copy and photography. 

Mel Baker Freelance

Branding Package 

  • Brand Personality Discovery Questionnaire

  • Custom Color Palette
  • Font Recommendations
  • Logo Design
  • Five fully branded web pages
  • Including typography, colors, imagery
  • Key Word integration
  • Mobile Responsive Design

Marketing + PR 

  • Instagram Setup

  • Photoshoot

  • Commercial Plan

  • Collaborations

Logo Designer

Logo Design

Steve is the sole selling point of his business, we established his brand intentions, target audience and through a branding workshop identified the need for Steve to become his USP.


Future Intentions

Marketing and building an audience and clients through his newly launched social channels.