Curly Steve

Laughter Yoga

Curly Steve is a master of laughter, trained in laughter therapy, he hosts Laughter sessions as well as training others to become Laughter Yoga teachers. Steve opted for a full branding package his intentions were to appeal to a new contemporary target audience. I worked with Steve to rename the brand, create a new identity, logo, website, marketing plan, original copy and photography. 

Mel Baker Freelance

Branding Package 

  • Brand Personality Discovery Questionnaire

  • Custom Color Palette
  • Font Recommendations
  • Logo Design
  • Five fully branded web pages
  • Including typography, colors, imagery
  • Key Word integration
  • Mobile Responsive Design

Marketing + PR 

  • Instagram Setup

  • Photoshoot

  • Commercial Plan

  • Collaborations

Logo Designer

Logo Design

Steve is the sole selling point of his business, we established his brand intentions, target audience and through a branding workshop identified the need for Steve to become his USP.


Future Intentions

Marketing and building an audience and clients through his newly launched social channels.