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Melonmade Crowns and Headdresses were born from my infatuation with the festival zeitgeist, the nomads, the hedonists and those who realise the fun, the power and the mystique a striking piece of headwear can provide.

Handcrafted using colour, texture and sparkles adds an essential sense of style and prowess to any outfit.
Each piece is given a unique name and identity inspired by the art work of my muse, Charmaine Olivia, a San Francisco-based artist who paints beautiful Botticelli-esque females with messy whimsical hair and elegance. This has influenced how I present my work curating photo shoots with my beautiful friends who so kindly model my creations. 

Whether youโ€™re a bohemian bride drawn to florals and white feathers looking for a free-spirited, alternative to the traditional veil or destined to roll in the glittery grass dancing yourself silly on a festival escapade, there is a Melonmade accessory destined to join you. Shop online or message me for custom orders and let's design your own bespoke Melonmade headdress, garland or fascinator.


Melonmade Mermaid Crown

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Mermaid Crown by Melonmade

Photography and Models

I would like to thank the talented and beautiful photographers and models who have contributed to the Melonmade site; Olivia Bayly - Photographer, Evie Johnstone Photographer and Stylist, Lucie Donlan - Model,  Hannah Harding - Model