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Mermaid Crown with Olivia Bayly Photography

Photographer Olivia Bayly asked for Melonmade Mermaid Crowns to be part of her dark and powerful mermaid shoot in collaboration with jewellery designer Mermaid’s Grave. 

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Top Tips for Feather Foraging

As the maker of many feather headdresses I have become some what obsessed with having enough feathers, or the right feathers or simply the perfect feather to fit the piece. I share my top tips for feather foraging and ensuring you always have a suitable supply of feathers for your creations.

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The First Crown

It was a moment of serendipity the day I made my first flower crown; when the desire to wear a striking headdress at The Masked Ball a Cornish festival/voyage to the underworld and my inability to find anything that even came close to my vision on the high street collided.

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