When Melonmade Does Hen Do's


This month I have the great honour of being my sister’s bridesmaid, not only does this role mean the world to me but it also means she has found the man of her dreams and as I’m a hopeless romantic - my sister falling in love makes me the happiest girl. Growing up my sister and I as many other siblings will agree, had an inseparable bond, despite being like chalk and cheese in most aspects of life we are sisters and the love for a sister is unique and an honour in itself. 

Melonmade Hen Do
Melonmade Hendo

Before my maid of honour duties commence, firstly, there must be the almighty hen do, the final farewell to her single status as a “Miss” and an excuse to gather her most beloved friends together for a weekend of utter debauchery and indulgence. 

We chose a weekend in September that just so happened to collide with my favourite local festival The Little Orchard Cider and Music Festival, and so my inner festival nomad began planning her weekend around a boozy glitter themed weekend, thundering around the fields on Healeys cider farm!

Traditionally the maid of honour is given the task of dressing the bride-to-be in an unflattering, often humiliating outfit - however, that certainly wouldn’t have gone down well with my sis so instead I took to my creative shed at the end of the garden and began designing her a stand-out feather headdress. I collected white goose feathers from a local farm for a good six months in preparation, there was never any doubt that the theme had to be sparkles, white and blue. I designed a feminine statement crown with colourful pom poms and ribbons to flow down through her beautiful hair as she wafted around the festival!

An event of this magnitude calls for a floor length sparkly Kimono and while I trawled the internet there just didn’t seem to be the perfect style that was exceptional enough for my sister and so it was back to the craft table, my mother-in law is a genius with her sewing machine and so together we made Jen a sparkly floor length kimono with peach and silver trim. The material had sequins individually sewn on and each one shimmered blue to green as it caught the light.

Melonmade Feather Headdress

A festival ensemble just isn’t complete without a hefty dowsing of glitter, I have to admit to being a touch obsessed with sparkles and if it was acceptable to wear glitter on a daily basis - I would! Whilst partying at Port Eliot festival this year I discovered a company called Eco Glitter Fun, I absolutely love their moto; “guilt-free sparkles” their biodegradable glitter is made from a certified compostable film, what could be more perfect that my favourite make-up accessory has a conscience! 

Melonmade Eco Glitter Fun
Melonmade Eco Glitter

When it comes to decorations, I have an issue with buying generic party pleasers, I am, however, a real fan of a pom pom and so my mummy was given the laborious task of creating endless strings of handmade woollen pom poms in pink orange and yellow - and a lot of patience! Thank you mum, they looked beautiful and the perfect way to jazz up our accommodation!

Melonmade Pom Pom
Melonmade Eco Glitter Fiun

We stayed at The Mill in Mesmear, a luxury cottage near Polzeath beach, with stunning high beams, spacious living,  a hot tub and pool - perfect for a girls weekend! The morning of the festival I set up the glitter station and we applied various layers of shimmering glitter using the organic aloe vera gel that Eco Glitter Fun recommend using, now I must admit I’ve gone as far as to use PVA glue on my face in the name of a good glittering, but this is by far the most effective product to apply eco glitter it even washed off easily!

I made each of the hens their own Melonmade headband so we could all be part of the Bride ’s festival tribe! I found these fun rose gold tattoo transfers by Ginger Ray which added a fun element to our outfits.

Melonmade Headdress Hen Do
Melonmade Headdress

Jen’s face was so cute as I presented her with her festival outfit and box of goodies, as I had hoped, she looked stunning in her bride-to-be themed outfit and as we stormed around the festival as a shimmering pom pom tribe of cackling girls not even the mud or howling wind could deter our good cheer! 

Now there is only one week to go till her wedding and my next blog will be all about her big day and the wedding crown….

Melonmade Hen Do
Melonmade Pom Pom
Melonmade Eco Glitter Fun
Hen Do