My 2017 Festival Fashion Essentials

Melonmade Blog Festival Essentials

As we're hurled full pelt into August, the British festival season is in full swing. I have dedicated this post to my top festival essentials, those key style items that you feel naked without.  Once I've stomped across those epic green fields, dragging my trolley of booze, a back pack of sequined outfits, desperately trying not to crease my various feather headdresses,  I can leave reality at arms length and adorn myself in festival joy.

There is no question on outfit choice, I slip into my handmade silk jumpsuit by Sailaway Dress Co and feel glamorous, feminine and most importantly super comfortable. You can roll, dance, sit, spin, swish and layer with a fur or leather jacket for a day rolled into evening ensemble.

For jewellery, I'm going subtle, less chance of losing precious jewels when I lose my marbles in the midnight realm! My necklace is by glass designer Emily Johnston, these exclusive items are hand crafted individual prisms of glass with irredescent shine that sit neatly on a finespun thread. 

Next its glitter... in my opinion, there is never a reason not to wear glitter, if I had my way, I would be glittered from morning till noon, even when I'm sat behind my PR desk! It's all about the layers, starting lightest and finest and gradually layering with a multitude of glitter weights - yes they exist! My go to website for the ultimate glitter stash has to be Project Glitter, a friendly German company that I discovered through Instagram of course! 

Finally, my outfit wouldn't be complete without a Melonmade crown. My favourite style changes depending on the weather, my outfit colours, whether my hair is up or down, if my roots need doing of if I'm freshly blonded! But as it's Port Eliot Festival this weekend I intend to wear my Fine Laced Eagle crown with a Pom Pom Garland for a colour pop. 

And that's my top picks, look out for the Melonmade and Sailaway Dress Co collaboration at Port Eliot Festival this weekend. xx

Melanie Baker