Mermaid Crown with Olivia Bayly Photography

Mermaid Crown by Melonmade

The mermaid has long been an elusive ancient creature, swathed in folklore tales of exceptional beauty and mystery hidden within the unexplored sea. These elusive and powerful creatures have fueled our imagination for centuries and continue to capture a mystical presence.

There is a particularly merfolk-esque presence on our rugged Cornish coastline, the inhabitants here are drawn to the sea’s magnificence, the ebb and flow of our weather-beaten fishing town is controlled by the swell and it’s power to draw us in, one by one or in packs, a daily draw to the ocean. With a vessel under arm and a neoprene shield, we ride the ever-changing luscious waves. Salty skin, wavy hair, bright eyes and wide smiles, the merfolk of Cornwall are fish like in their elusive nature to find and ride the perfect waves.

Inspired by the treasures that the ocean creates I collect shells and driftwood along the coastline and bind them into glittering crowns and tiaras. Photographer Olivia Bayly asked for Melonmade Mermaid Crowns to be part of her dark and powerful mermaid shoot in collaboration with jewellery designer Mermaid’s Grave.

The images that Olivia and model Lucie Donlan have created, exclusively capture the power and mystique that this shy, mythical creature is famous for. The black and white photography creates a dark atmospheric tension and a sense of turmoil is reflected in Lucie’s piercing expression, a retort to the perilous events that these goddesses of the sea are historically blamed for, floods, storms, shipwrecks and drownings.

I feel honored to have been invited to share in this striking photo shoot and encourage you to let this enchantress lead you through the gallery and lose yourself under the mermaid’s spell.

Melonmade Mermaid Crown
Mermaid Crown by Melonmade
Mermaid Jewellery Crown by
Mermaid Crown by
Mermaid Crown Headpiece by Melonmade

For the full gallery of images and her portfolio of photography visit Olivia Bayly website. 

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Model portfolio: Lucie Rose Donlan

Special thanks to Olivia and Lucie. x