My Sisters Wedding Day Crown

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I often talk about the honour that comes with making a bridal crown, the trust that is bestowed in me, as the maker and I cherish that throughout the design and production of each crown I make. So when my sister, Jen got engaged to Liam earlier this year and I was asked to make her Bridal Crown, the stakes went way up, this had to be perfection and beauty in its supremacy, nothing less would do for my big sis!

Before wedding flower decisions, Save the Date and Wedding invites were to be sent out, I was also entrusted to design these and we shared many colour and style inspiration on Pinterest. The chosen theme throughout their wedding was to be nautical, blues, inspired by Stoke Gabrielle, the beautiful quayside village in South Devon where our Dad grew up and my sister and I spent many a happy weekend as kids staying with our grandparents. This was to be the location for their big day,  a marquee overlooking the water, the perfect homage to our family roots and happy times spent together.  

Wedding Crown Melonmade

Earlier in the year, Mum, Jen and I spent a one-of-a-kind girly day together - shopping for “The Dress”. We booked in at The Bridal Room, St Ives, this gorgeous boutique overlooks the picture perfect views across the beach and beyond and whilst we sipped our British tea served in bone china teacups and saucers, Jen chose her favourite variations of her once in a lifetime white dress.  

Mum and I ooh-ed-and ahh-ed, took an abundance of photos and then, on perhaps, the fourth or fifth reveal, the curtain was flung open and I burst into tears - this was a bridal gown, oozing elegance and grace, to say my sister looked stunning was simply not enough - this was the one! Designed by Eliza Jane Howell with exquisite beading techniques and delicate white lace, twinkling and sparkling with a sea of tiny pearls, a vintage inspired dress, truly unique and perfect for my sisters big day.

Wedding Crown Melonmade

Jen decided on a half floral crown to sit above her veil, she has the most beautiful long honey blonde hair and so the crown would be styled above a long French plait. When selecting silk flowers there are certain qualities that I look for in particular, one of my most trusted resources, known internationally for the quality of her faux’s is Abigail Ahern; The Jimmy Choo of luxury imitation flowers. The colour and texture of each stem gives a certain verisimilitude to each flower that I am yet to find elsewhere. It was an exciting day when Jen’s flowers arrived in the post and I began dissecting them, which  is my favourite step to crown-making, I anatomise each stem and aggregate with the various other textures and flowers I have collected. 

When the length of Jen’s dress was altered I requested that all off-cuts were spared and sent down to Cornwall so I could match her crown. I weaved dried lavender, green leaves and white silk florals, within the delicate lace from her gown, the shimmer from the pearls added a feminine sparkle that would catch the light with each turn and spin of her head. I am just as pedantic about the clips and the fittings of a wedding crown, there is nothing more tiring than fussing over a lose hair accessory all day, so I added three credible teeth clips to each end angled to slide above her plait and one centrally to ensure her flowers were staying put! 

The groom’s sister Jodie and I were to be Jens bridesmaids, and Jodie’s gorgeous two-year old daughter Nell, the cutest little flower-girl. I designed Jodie and I delicate smaller side clips that matched Jens and for Nell a glittery hairband with white and lavender flowers. 

Bridal Crown
Wedding Crown Melonmade

The day before the wedding the marquee was erected at Stoke Gabrielle, arranging a DIY filled, tent wedding was no mean feat, but Jen, Liam and their helpful family and friends took it all in their stride and in one day created a floral, coastal wedding venue including sentimental photos of Stoke Gabriel when our Dad was growing up, glass bottles filled with flowers on each table and a handwritten order of the day. Every detail added charm and was bursting with love and excitement for their big day.

Seeing my sister on her wedding day, was one of the best days of my life, the happiness, love and affection between her and Liam shone throughout the day. These precious moments were so beautiful captured by their photographer Craig George who really encapsulated the essence of Jen and Liam’s quayside village wedding to perfection. I’d like to thank Craig for letting me share these photos on my blog, and to the happy couple while they are currently on their month long honeymoon travelling Australia, it has been such an honour to be part of your most special day and the start of your next chapter in life, love you both so much. xx


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Wedding Crown Melonmade
Wedding Crown Melonmade